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This section includes unpublished works and transcripts of speeches.



Short Items

How to take the politics out of the NBN (Presentation to the CommsDay Melbourne Congress Oct 2014) [PDF]

A Note on Bad Policy - Dec 2009 [PDF]

The Cluetrain Manifesto - Abridged (March 2011)  [PDF] [DOCX]

On Efficiency - May 2011 [PDF]

On Regulatory Forbearance - May 2011 [PDF]

On Competition - June 2011 [PDF]

On Markets  - June 2011 [PDF]

On National Ordinal Goals - June 2011 [PDF]

Digital Economy: Promise or problem - June 2011 [PDF]

Interconnection, competition and the NBN - comments from the ACS-TSA policy conference [PDF]

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