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This page contains links to significant documents in telco history - either to scans on the website or external resources.

It is pleasing to note that more government documents from the pre-internet era are being added to government websites.




This page lists documents that can be accessed on the site or links to other locations where they exist. 

The National Broadband Network - Establishment

Carrier Licence Conditions 1991

Community Telephone Plan 1960 [PDF 3.1M] and Progress Policy and Plans (1959) [PDF 2.6 M]

Establishment of the Telecommunications Ombudsman Scheme (1991-1992) and Reviews

Major Reviews and Announcements

Miscellaneous Telecom Australia Documents

Miscellaneous Telstra Documents

Miscellaneous Documents

Regional Telecoms Reviews and ACA Digital Data Inquiry

Overseas Telecommunications

National Digital Economy Strategy (various docs)

Structural Separation of Telstra







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